January 07, 2020

GOL STUDIOS Monthly Update (January, 2020)

1. New project: 5 Lessons in Happiness: Three's a Crowd? The first short from the new queer comedy collection 5 Lessons in Happiness: Fifi wants to become a novelist, and she finally wins the Best-selling Romantic Novel Award for her novel Don’t Go Any Deeper. I Surrender. What will Fifi do with this award? Her husband Du Yi-fan is a pottery artist. What will he do if he knows that she has written an erotic novel? Fifi can't deny that she wrote the perverted but brilliant novel because of her one-night stand with her publisher, Ai Qi. She starts wondering if she is lesbian or bisexual. Meanwhile, her husband contacts Ai Qi to ask about Fifi's apparent unhappiness. What is going to happen between these three people?

Starring Eliza Peng and 令晴 from the rock band Jade Eyes.

2. Full trailer for Forever 17

Now that Kit Hung's film is in the middle of its festival tour we wanted to share with you the full trailer done for the international premiere at Golden Horse Film Festival,


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