Privacy Policy

GOL STUDIOS is an organization managed by the Portico Media Co., Ltd, which fully respects user privacy and has drawn up privacy protection policies. Please carefully read the policy as follows.

Applicable Scope of Privacy Protection Policy

  1. The privacy protection policy covers GOL STUDIOS’ handling of identification information which is collected during the online use of website services and shared during GOL STUDIOS’ cooperation with business partners.
  2. The privacy protection policy is not applicable to any companies outside GOL STUDIOS nor the staff not hired or managed by GOL STUDIOS.

Data collection and use

  1. GOL STUDIOS will collect your identification data when you register with GOL STUDIOS with a username, use GOL STUDIOS’ products or services, browse GOL STUDIOS’ web pages and participate in GOL STUDIOS’ promotional activities or prize-winning games. GOL STUDIOS may also receive your personal data from business partners.
  2. When you register with GOL STUDIOS, we will ask you to provide your name, email address, date of birth, gender, job title, profession and personal interests. After you successfully register with GOL STUDIOS, we will be acquainted with you.
  3. GOL STUDIOS also automatically receives and records the server data on your browser, including IP address, information in GOL STUDIOS’ cookies and the web pages you request to access.
  4. GOL STUDIOS uses personal data to improve web page content provided to you, fulfill your requests for a specific product and inform you of special events or new products.

Information sharing and releasing

  1. GOL STUDIOS will not sell or lend your identification information to anyone.
  2. Under the following circumstances, GOL STUDIOS will provide your identification information to government agencies, other individuals or other companies.
    1. Your consent is acquired before the identification information is shared with other individuals or companies
    2. You identification information has to be shared with other individuals or companies before the service or product you request can be provided.
    3. You identification information has to be provided to companies which provide services or products on behalf of GOL STUDIOS before the service or product you request can be provided. (Without our prior notice to you, these companies are not authorized to use personal data provided by us for any purposes outside the products and services provision.)
    4. GOL STUDIOS has to provide your identification information according to regulatory requirements or government order.
    5. We are aware that your action on the website violates GOL STUDIOS’ terms of service or specific guidelines of our products and services.
  3. Please kindly note that we cannot search the information of other users for you as we need to protect the privacy of other users. If you need to know the information of others from us, you have to file a lawsuit or make a legal complaint to the authorities. We will fully cooperate with the authorities by providing information needed for investigations and cases.


  1. GOL STUDIOS will access your computer settings and use GOL STUDIOS’ cookies.
  2. GOL STUDIOS allows our website to access your computer settings and use cookies. Other companies will use cookies according to their privacy protection policies, not according to this policy. Other companies cannot access GOL STUDIOS’ cookies.
  3. When GOL STUDIOS carries out work related to its products and services, it will use web beacons to enter our website network and access cookies for its use.

The right to change username and preferences

You are authorized by GOL STUDIOS to change your username and preferences (including whether you want to receive notices of any special events or new products) at any time.


  1. Your user information will be protected with a password in order to safeguard your privacy and data security.
  2. Under some circumstances, GOL STUDIOS will use a standard SSL security system for the data transmission safety.


  1. You may request to delete your personal information. Please keep in mind that you can no longer use the service provided by GagaOOLala once you have reset it. If you do not wish to receive newsletters or event notifications, you can unsubscribe anytime. If you encounter any problems, please contact our customer service. You may request account deletion directly in your user setting section, or send your request to

Changes to Privacy Protection Policy

GOL STUDIOS can change the policy any time. When we make significant changes to rules regarding personal data use, we will publish an online announcement to inform you of the related information.

Feedback and Suggestion

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please click here to inform us.