GOL STUDIOS is the only crowdsourcing platform exclusively supporting queer cinema. We want to help filmmakers from around the world bring to live their LGBT projects with our matchmaking system: you tell us who and what you need and we will find the right people and resources to help you!

There are three main tracks you can follow on GOL STUDIOS:

  1. If you need help to make your film, you can create a project on our platform and we will help you find the necessary resources.
  2. If you are looking for distribution, you can submit your film to us and we will evaluate if it is a good fit for GagaOOLala.
  3. If you are a film professional looking for great projects to be involved with, join our community and find the right match for you.

GagaOOLala is Asia’s first LGBT film streaming platform available in Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau and all of Southeast Asia. After some years running this platform, we realized how difficult it still is for creators to produce or distribute queer content around, and we decided to launch GOL STUDIOS. In addition, if you are seeking distribution through GOL STUDIOS, GagaOOLala might be the perfect fit for your film.

The presence of queer titles, characters and creators in the cinema industry is still minimal and, in many areas of the world, discriminated against. Our push for queer cinema is a push for visibility and diversity.

GOL STUDIOS services are completely free of charge! Find out How It Works.

After you have logged in, go to your profile and, then, click “Settings”.


Literally everything you may need to create a film: actors, equipment, editors, locations, funds, crew… You get the idea.

We can help from your planning and pre-production stage to post-production or finding distribution.

While we are not a crowdfunding platform, we are interested in seed financing particular projects if we believe they are a right match. Please, contact us for more information.

It will only take you 5 minutes! Check our step-by-step video tutorial.

It varies from project to project. GOL STUDIOS and the project leader will decide together what it is best for the film.

As soon as you send us all your project’s info and materials, we will start the review process for publication. You will have our answer after only a few days and, if we like your project, it will be immediately launched!

Please, avoid using music, images, video or any other content that you don't have the rights to use.

It usually takes us a few days to review an application! If you have not received any feedback by then, you can contact us at GOL STUDIOS Facebook page.

If we are not able to find a right match for your needs, your project will be taken down from our website. We will be happy to help you reassess your needs and try again!

Congratulations, your project will be completed and will be published on our completed projects list. We will keep in touch with you to follow up with you on the development of your film.

Our goal is to find and co-produce projects that we believe in. We hope that many of those projects end up on our platform GagaOOLala, but it is definitely not a necessary condition.


GagaOOLala is Asia’s biggest LGBT film platform, present in 13 territories (and expanding), and with more than 100,000 registered members. We have the right audience for you!

You just need to fill out our distribution form here

Yes, of course! You just need to fill out our distribution form and we will revert to you.

It depends on many things (format, genre, release year…). For a more definite answer, please, fill out our distribution form.

Since we work with different fee structures (flat fee, minimum guarantee, profit sharing…), it depends on the kind of deal we have made with you.

We like to keep the cost of deliverables as low as possible through digital delivery and format standardization.

GOL STUDIOS parent company has a great deal of experience marketing and promotion of all types of content, including LGBT, across all media.


Mainly two: your own professional skills (actor, editor, make-up artist…) and whatever film equipment/production services that might be available to you.

Go to the project’s wish list and click on whatever resource you think you might be able to help. You will then be able to message the project leader.

We are sorry to hear this. The project leader might think you are not the right match or maybe another person has already offered to help. We encourage you to try to contact the project leader again or find a new project.

It depends on the kind of deal you reach with the project manager from the film you are interested in contributing in.

When you click “Follow” on a project page you will start receiving notifications with the latest updates from that project. In addition, the project will appear on your profile under “Projects I Follow” on “Your Projects” tab.