November 07, 2019

GOL STUDIOS Monthly Update (November, 2019)

1. The first GOL SUMMIT is taking place on November 24th GOL STUDIOS is organizing the first GOL Summit, the largest conference about LGBTQ+ filmmaking in Asia. Regional experts in different areas of the film production process will share their insights and experiences while working on queer projects. During this one day conference we will host panels on film funding, production, distribution and marketing, plus two keynote lectures.

More info and registration:

2. Watersprite Film Festival announces collaboration with GagaOOLala and GOL STUDIOS

"GOL STUDIOS will offer the winner of the LGBTQ+ Mentorship a truly incredible package, including an offer of a distribution contract for the filmmaker’s winning film on GagaOOLala’s online platform and promotional coverage of the winning filmmaker and their film on GOL’s LGBT Media Channels. They will be introduced to an appropriate mentor from GOL’s network, and will have monthly calls with this mentor. Finally, they will be invited to submit their next project to GOL and will receive appropriate advice to help them submit a successful proposal."

Full announcement:

3. New Project Matcha & Vanila

GOL STUDIOS first Japanese and Australian collaboration! Official synopsis: Yuki and Ai are a long-term lesbian couple living in the closet in Japan's traditional society. When Yuki is diagnosed with terminal cancer, they must fight against their family, the hospital and society in order to stay together until the end.

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