October 01, 2019

GOL STUDIOS Monthly Update (October, 2019)

1. Present Still Perfect starts shooting at Koh Kood in Thailand Our first Thai original film, Present Still Perfect, sequel of the popular BL film Present Perfect, is not shooting on Koh Kood island in Thailand. The main cast (Adisorn Tonawanik and Kristana Maroukasonthi) and director Anusorn Soisa-ngim seem to be having a great time!

2. Handsome Stewardess releases its official poster

Zero Chou upcoming lesbian series, Handsome Stewardess, has release its amazing official poster. This GagaOOLala original shot between Taiwan and Singapore will be released on the platform at the end of this month.

3. Forever 17 official tailer

Kit Hung's new film about an utopian future where same-sex couples can get married has just released its first teaser. We look forward to the film premiere next month at the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei!

4. Boy Meets Boy is now in editing

German-Spanish-Taiwan co-production Boy Meets Boy finished shooting last month and it is now in editing. We have seen the first scenes and, although we cannot share with you yet, they look amazing! We will share the first images next month.