Sodom's Cat 索多瑪的貓

Format: Short
Sub-Format: Narrative
Genre: Erotic, Gay, Romance
Production stage: Post-production
Countries of Origin: Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Taiwan
Film languages: Mandarin
Estimated Production Date: 2016-01-01
Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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Make love first, and then, we talk love later. 先做愛吧,之後感傷,之後再算。


Sun is a young man who attends a sex party, organized via a dating app, with four other men. Together, they start a journey of sensual pleasure. While the others seem to be enjoying themselves, Sun feels disconnected. When the gates of Sodom open, is the passion real or is it only satisfaction? 晴天,一個有著稚嫩臉龐的男孩,參加了一場由交友軟體舉辦的多人性愛活動,在如城堡般的社區大樓裡,晴天與其他四個男人開展了一段肉體歡愉的旅程,但晴天卻無法投入其中,對他而言,想像遠比現實更來得刺激。於是,主辦人羅得開始說起情慾的故事,當索多瑪的大門開啟,這些短暫的激情到底是真是假?能夠帶走的,究竟是心滿意足,還是更大的寂寞? 先做愛吧,之後感傷,之後再算。

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GOL Studios 倡導國際合作:一部影片可以在任何地方構思、在我們的平台上找到在地和外國的資金和資源,然後發行給全球觀眾觀賞,這是我們秉持和推廣的社群理念。 GOL Studios 是一個優秀構想和影片計劃的中心,但整個社群、其中的力量和熱情才是使這些想法付諸實行的重點。 GOL Studios advocates for international collaboration: a film can be conceived anywhere, find local and foreign funding and resources in our platform and, then, be distributed to a worldwide audience. This is MORE