November 06, 2020

TAIWAN EQUALS LOVE is selected for Tokyo International Film Festival

Four newly-produced Taiwanese films have been selected for the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival running Oct. 31 to Nov. 9.

Under "Taiwanese Cinema Renaissance 2020" – a sub-category of the festival's "World Focus" section, the four films are "A Leg (腿)," "Little Big Women (孤味)," "Taiwan Equals Love (同愛一家)," and "The Painting of Evil (惡之畫)," tackling topics spanning from human nature to marriage equality. The World Focus section presents notable works from various international film festivals, films that have yet to be released in Japan and Japanese films that have won much acclaim in international film festivals. In the past years, many of the selected films later secured a theatrical release in Japan, according to the organizers.

After selected in Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival; Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, "Taiwan Equals Love" will be screened at Tokyo International Film Festival for its Asia Premiere. More info: