5 Lessons in Happiness: She Is my Father 幸福選擇題五部曲:《我是香香多桑》

Format: Short
Sub-Format: Narrative
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Queer, Romantic Comedy, Transgender
Production stage: Development
Countries of Origin: Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Taiwan
Film languages: Chinese Mandarin
Estimated Production Date: 2019-12-01
Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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Basic info


A famous comedian finally undergoes sex reassignment surgery. At the same time, her daughter re-appears after many years with a surprise.


Comedian Xiang-Xiang suddenly gets a call from his daughter, who he has not seen for years. The 18 years old high school student, A-Ling, needs help from her father because of unexpected pregnancy. In the meantime, Xiang-Xiang has been dating her boyfriend for a while and is preparing for her sex reassignment surgery… When A-Ling finally arrives at Xiang-Xiang’s home, he pretends to be her father’s girlfriend. Xiang-Xiang is in the middle of becoming a woman. How will he react to the sudden arrival of his daughter? Should Xiang-Xiang still be her father or become her mother?

More about this project

“5 Lessons in Happiness” focuses on LGBTQ+ issues from 5 different perspectives, including sex, family, bisexuality, transgender and how to raise children. The amazing crew is composed of Taiwanese directors, Zero Chou, Chen Yi-Yu, Hsieh Chih-wen, Adiamond Lee and Huang Ting-Chun (Fox). The films explore how LGBTQ+ people’s search for happiness through comedy. All of the shorts have open-endings and will let the audiences vote for their favorite one.


Team Members


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Director of Breast and House, and of many episodes for shows at Hakka TV, TITV, and TTV. He has worked on highly praised dramas such as Sun After the Rain and Love of Youtong
He participated in CCTV, CTS, and Formosa TV dramas and is currently a lead actor at Sanlih E-Television.
He is a Taiwanese male singer for The Clippers Band. In addition to his music career, he has performed numerous stage plays and movies. He is well-known for his performance as Frog in Cape No. 7.