Love At the End of the World 末日激情倒數

Format: Web Series
Sub-Format: Narrative
Genre: Erotic, Gay, Romance
Production stage: Development
Countries of Origin: Philippines
Countries of Filming: Philippines
Film languages: Tagalog
Estimated Production Date: 2021-12-30
Team Leader: Shandii Bacolod
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Basic info


In the end, Love is all that matters.


An erotic suspense BL series exploring the lives of four couples as they navigate through love, pain, loss, romance, forgiveness, redemption, loneliness and sorrow. After reports from NASA confirm that an asteroid is set to hit Earth in 7 days resulting in global catastrophe, priorities quickly change and panic ensues.

More about this project

★ Starring popular Filipino-Norwegian actor & singer Markki Stroem. ★ Casting the internet celebrity Kristof Garcia with over 500,000 followers. ★ Casting the famous Italian-Canadian Tiktoker Nico Locco.


Team Members

Shandii Bacolod

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Markki Stroem
Nico Locco