Present Still Perfect

Format: Feature
Sub-Format: Narrative
Genre: BL, Drama, Gay
Production stage: Production
Countries of Origin: Thailand, Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Thailand
Film languages: Thai
Estimated Production Date: 2019-09-20
Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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Basic info


The last journey that will change their lives forever. The final destination for their love, is it a happy ending or just an illusion?


Present Still Perfect is the sequel to the love story between Toey and Oat, the cool guy who was about to get married. That journey marked Toey forever. Four years later, he accidentally meets Oat at the airport. All the pain comes back to him once again. Thus, he decides to go for a break and rest his heart at Koh Kood island, in Thailand, where he meets Jane, the owner of the guest house where he is staying, and Kenta, a Japanese traveler staying at the same place. The peace and beauty of the island brings back his laughter and joy until he hears back from Oat...

More about this project

Present Still Perfect will follow the pieces of the broken hearts of Toey and Oat. They have to choose between moral and desire. Their love is meant to be beautiful, but it hurts the people that surrounds them. How are they going to deal with it?


Team Members


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Anusorn Soisa-ngim
Director of Present Perfect (2017), the first Thai film to receive funding by the Hokkaido government. The film premiered at World Film Festival 2018 and was awarded one of the best films at Amsterdam LGBTQ Festival. Anusorn also worked on TV on the series 2 Moons 2, the sequel of the famous boy love story.
Adisorn Tonawanik
Kristana Maroukasonthi
Ryota Omi