Format: Short
Sub-Format: Narrative
Genre: Drama, Lesbian, Queer, Romance, Transgender
Production stage: Post-production
Countries of Origin: United Kingdom
Countries of Filming: United Kingdom
Film languages: English
Estimated Production Date: 2019-04-01
Team Leader: 陳珮盈 Pei Ying Chen
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Basic info


A transgender artist’s emotional journey as she falls in love with one of her more mysterious students.


Producing and teaching art has always given Layla a sense of isolation and comfort. Her students come from all walks of life- including a teenage boy suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome and a wealthy upper-middle-class woman. But her new student, Jing, catches Layla’s attention. Jing is mysterious, a talented painter in her own right and clearly doesn’t need tutoring from Layla. Why did she walk into Layla’s studio?

More about this project

We are aware that there is a lack of representation of queer Asian characters in Western media and we would also like to confront the narrow definitions of sexual orientation and gender identity and show that the world is more than the gender binary. The audience can see the different ways Layla interacts with each of her students and how she explores her feelings for Jing.


Team Members

陳珮盈 Pei Ying Chen
Taiwanese independent film director and editor currently studying MA Directing Film at Bournemouth University. She worked in the industry for 6 years, on projects such as commercials, music videos, documentaries and dramas. She explores social issues regarding LGBTQ+ and immigration. In her films, she strives to provide a voice for minorities.
Alix Li
Aspiring Taiwanese producer. She explores art and observes society to produce her stories, with themes surrounding humanity, equality and LGBTQ+ issues. Alix interned at OISTAT Headquarters, the largest international organization of theatre and worked at the prestigious Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival as an executive committee member.
Magdalena Korpas
Magdalena is a classically trained screen and stage actress based in London. She acted in feature & short films as well as in TV shows, commercials and plays. Magdalena’s work has been screened at Cannes Film Festival and shown at other international venues.
Yu Han Lien
Well-known Taiwanese actress with a rich portfolio both in front of the camera and on the stage. Yu Han was awarded Best New Actor at the 51st Golden Bell Awards in 2016. She is also an established author and she recently published her third book, ‘Sleepwalking in Kamakura’
Chris M. Williams
Director of Photography
Postgraduate student at Bournemouth University, specialising in MA Cinematography. He has worked as Camera Assistant, and Lighting Trainee with a BBC Cymru Wales, Short Comedy production of 'Love Therapy'. As a gay filmmaker himself, Chris is highly passionate about LGBTQ+ cinema and is excited to share this story to the world.
Benjamyn Lyall
Benjamyn is a production designer with an interest in musicals, sci-fi and dramas. With a background in product design and furniture design he loves the entire design process from the initial ideas, through concept generation and finally arriving at a finished design, set and film.
Julia Wojciechowska
Costume Designer
An aspiring costume and production designer studying BA Costume and Performance design at Arts University of Bournemouth. She comes from Poland where she made her first steps in the theatre industry working for Female Costume Department in National Opera in Warsaw.
Alex Dimitriu
Sound Engineer
Alex has been in the audio engineering field for over 8 years with experience in live sound, audio recording and mixing. He was passionate about sound design since 2014. He began increasing his studies into the field of sound edit/design for film, Foley and location/field recording. Now, he is majoring in Sound Design at Bournemouth University.
Line Producer
Aspiring Producer. She completed an undergraduate degree in Film and the Visual Arts at the University of Leicester and has experience working in media production companies such as, Green Valley Films and Cymru Creations. Sian is currently studying MA Producing Film and Television at Bournemouth University.
賴建名 Jian Ming Lai
Post-production picture
Jian Ming is a Taiwanese graphic designer. He specializes in brand, bookbinding and visual space design. He believes that his work should equally be about the depth of content and maintaining the sense of aesthetics. Without a doubt, Jian Ming will focus on voicing various social issues in his future work.