Tale of the Lost Boys 他和他的心旅程

Format: Feature
Sub-Format: Scripted
Genre: Coming Out, Drama, Family, Gay
Production stage: Post-production
Countries of Origin: Taiwan, Philippines
Countries of Filming: Taiwan, Philippines
Film languages: Mandarin, English, Tagalog, Atayal
Estimated Production Date:
Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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"A story about an unexpected connection between a Filipino and a Taiwanese aborigine who are both in search of their identities."


菲律賓青年Alex從未見過父親,母親則在他幼時離家到台灣幫傭,斷絕音訊多年後,才得知母親已於他鄉落地生根;來台後偶遇泰雅族青年Jerry,兩人隨即成為心有靈犀的莫逆之交。在得知Jerry因自己的同志身分而近鄉情怯,Alex鼓勵他回到家鄉對父母坦承自我,也觸動自己內心深處尋找母親的渴望,兩人交織出一段超越性向並探索自我的真摯情誼。 TALE OF THE LOST BOYS is the story of the friendship between two men ㅡ Alex, a Filipino mechanic, and Jerry, a Taiwanese aborigine student. The two meet randomly when Alex flees to Taipei from Manila, after leaving his girlfriend pregnant. A casual conversation develops into a surprising personal connection between them.

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GOL Studios 倡導國際合作:一部影片可以在任何地方構思、在我們的平台上找到在地和外國的資金和資源,然後發行給全球觀眾觀賞,這是我們秉持和推廣的社群理念。 GOL Studios 是一個優秀構想和影片計劃的中心,但整個社群、其中的力量和熱情才是使這些想法付諸實行的重點。 GOL Studios advocates for international collaboration: a film can be conceived anywhere, find local and foreign funding and resources in our platform and, then, be distributed to a worldwide audience. This is MORE

Joselito Altarejos
Renowned as one of the innovators of gay cinema in the Philippines, Joselito Altarejos’s films often address social issues and gay identities.