Wrath of Desire 愛˙殺

Format: Feature
Sub-Format: Narrative, Scripted
Genre: Lesbian, Romance, Transgender
Production stage: Production
Countries of Origin: Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Taiwan
Film languages: Chinese
Estimated Production Date:
Team Leader: Zero Chou 周美玲
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Basic info


The body never lies.


Androgynous Phoenix Du, the illicit daughter of a presidential candidate, kills the thug who breaks into her apartment to silence her. She comes before prosecutor Jade Liu, guilt-ridden from the suicide of her brother and her strict Catholic upbringing. Before demanding Phoenix's three-and-a-half years sentence for manslaughter, Jade has a night of passion with her that redirects both their lives. In fear of her own desire, Jade marries Meng Ye, the genderless young man she saved from prison who reminds her of her brother...

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★ Selected for 2020 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival ★ Winner of 2021 Taipei Film Festival ★ Selected for 2021 Osaka Asian Film Festival ★ Selected for 2021 Brisbane Queer Film Festival ★ Selected for 2021 Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


Team Members

Zero Chou 周美玲

GOL Studios advocates for international collaboration: a film can be conceived anywhere, find local and foreign funding and resources in our platform and, then, be distributed to a worldwide audience. This is the idea of community we embrace and promote. GOL Studios is a hub for great ideas and projects but it is the community, its strength and pas MORE

Peace Yang 陽靚
Chia Wei Weng 翁嘉薇