Papa & Daddy 酷蓋爸爸

Format: Web Series
Sub-Format: Narrative
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Gay
Production stage: Post-production
Countries of Origin: Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Taiwan
Film languages: Mandarin, English
Estimated Production Date: 2020-11-04
Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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Basic info


I love my Papa and Daddy. Two dads are better than one!


Damian, 38, is an overseas Taiwanese, divorced his wife and returned to Taiwan to open his restaurant, Verso. While at Verso, he meets Jeff. Their relationship intensifies and Damian yearns to start a family, with Jeff reluctant to take on parental duties at such an early age. Four years later and through surrogacy, they are now gay parents to a four-year-old boy. Jeff still has not come out to his parents and has now become a fulltime dad even though his parents still pressure him to marry a woman. Damian is busier than ever at Verso and their son Kai is just getting ready for pre-school....

More about this project

This is Asia's first gay family series.


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