Made in Boise

Format: Feature
Sub-Format: Documentary
Genre: Drama, Gay
Production stage: Post-production
Countries of Origin: United States of America
Countries of Filming: United States of America
Film languages: English
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Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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In all-American Boise, Idaho, an unexpected industry has emerged - surrogacy. Here, one in fifteen mothers will carry a baby for a stranger.


MADE IN BOISE is a feature-length documentary that will include a television broadcast and an educational and audience engagement campaign. Weaving together the intimate stories of four surrogates and the parents whose children they carry, MADE IN BOISE is told primarily from the surrogates’ point of view and explores the many relationships that surrogates must navigate—with the parents for whom they carry, medical teams, legal teams, and even their own friends and family—as they bring others’ biological children into the world.

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Ultimately, these women are pioneering a new phenomenon in family-making in Boise. I want to encompass all of the layered complexity of their work—there’s so much under the surface of their seemingly easy pregnancies—and I only hope that this film expresses that intention.


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Beth Aala
Beth Aala is a three-time Emmy and Peabody award-winning producer for her work at HBO. She recently completed Made in Boise, a feature lengthdocumentary following four women who find purpose carrying babies for strangers in the unofficial surrogacy capital of the United States.
Beth Levison
Levison is a seasoned independent producer/director and the recipient of two national Emmy Awards and three Peabody Awards. As producer, she recentlycompleted 32 PILLS: MY SISTER’S SUICIDE (Hot Docs, 2017), a raw, personal portrait of grief, which broadcast on HBO in 2018.
Jenny Morello
Director of Photography
Jenni is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She has received critical acclaim for her cinematography on Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s ONE OF US thatchronicles the lives of three ex-Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn (Toronto International Film Festival, 2017), available via Netflix.