Queer Asia - Vietnam 酷兒亞洲—越南

Format: Web Series
Sub-Format: Documentary
Genre: Family, Gay, Lesbian, Human Rights
Production stage: Post-production
Countries of Origin: Taiwan, Viet Nam
Countries of Filming: Viet Nam
Film languages: Vietnamese, English
Estimated Production Date: 2018-12-01
Team Leader: GOL STUDIOS
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Basic info


A 3-part documentary series on the LGBT community of Vietnam.


Queer Vietnam explores the unique history of queerness in the country. The second episode follows Dan Ni, a local personality and drag queen, as he navigates through the definition of gayness in our day and age. The final episode is an ode to mother's love in a rural small town of Vietnam. 越南LGBTQ運動正在起步,關於同志的話題不再成為禁忌,當代酷兒文化更是百花齊放,然而,教科書和文獻上卻少見同志人物相關描寫。今日的盛放與昔日的蒼涼彷彿一個國家、兩個世界。封建時期有沒有同志?又有哪些歷史人物身屬LGBTQ?在LGBTQ這個說法出現前,同志該怎麼稱呼?或許展望未來最好的方法,就是回到過去。此片希望藉由回溯越南同志史,替酷兒們加深國家與同志身分間的認同。河內酷兒是一個社會組織目的為創造同志友善城市,希望酷兒們能夠得到真正的尊重與經濟、文化及社交平等。酷兒越南紀念月是河內酷兒計畫,主旨為提高酷兒在歷史上的意識及能見度。

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GOL Studios 倡導國際合作:一部影片可以在任何地方構思、在我們的平台上找到在地和外國的資金和資源,然後發行給全球觀眾觀賞,這是我們秉持和推廣的社群理念。 GOL Studios 是一個優秀構想和影片計劃的中心,但整個社群、其中的力量和熱情才是使這些想法付諸實行的重點。 GOL Studios advocates for international collaboration: a film can be conceived anywhere, find local and foreign funding and resources in our platform and, then, be distributed to a worldwide audience. This is MORE

Nong Nhat Quang
Truong Minh Quy