Fragrance of the First Flower (Season 2) 第一次遇見花香的那刻 (第二季)

Format: Web Series
Sub-format: Narrative, Scripted
Genre: Coming of Age, Coming Out, Drama, Family, Lesbian, Romance
Film length: 12Eps x 25min
Countries of Origin: Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Taiwan
Film languages: Chinese Mandarin
Year: 2023
Director: Angel (TENG I-Han) 鄧依涵
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Basic info


Yi-Ming, in her thirties, begins her first lesbian relationship. The revelation of Ting-Ting’s past challenges their love and determination.


Yi-Ming and Ting-Ting are both starting a new phase of their lives. But after 15 years apart and upon learning about Ting-Ting's past romances, Ting-Ting starts to feel like a familiar stranger to Yi-Ming, who begins to question the decisions that have led her to this point in her life. But one thing is for sure: she loves Ting-Ting and together, the two women will have to figure out exactly where their relationship is headed.

Festivals and Awards

Cast & Crew

Angel Teng 鄧依涵
.Rose Skirt ––Writer & Director, winner of best new female director at the Alison Doerner Awards. .Love Lies Bleeding––Writer & Director, winner of best short LGBT film at the London Screen Power Film Festival, best student film award at the PIMFF Prague International .Monthly Film Festival, and best student film as well as best cinematography at the Tokyo International Film Festival. .Bao Bao ––Writer, Nominee of best romance film, best supporting actress, and best newcomer at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival.