Best Sisters Forever 親親壞姊妹

Format: Short
Sub-format: Narrative
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Drag Queen, Gay, Musical, Queer
Film length: 30
Countries of Origin: Taiwan
Countries of Filming: Taiwan
Film languages: Chinese Mandarin
Year: 2021
Director: Kuang-Hui Liu 柳廣輝
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Basic info


★From the director of Your Name Engraved Herein


In a heated fight over questions of promiscuity, a terrible misunderstanding leaves two best friends, ‘sisters’ estranged for many years. A decade later, the two ‘sisters’ are reunited by a tragic event. Knowing their days together are numbered, the pair set out on a few adventures hoping to gain lost opportunities and make happy memories. Along the way, they make important discoveries about life, love, each other, friendship, and family.

Festivals and Awards

Cast & Crew

Kuang-Hui Liu 柳廣輝
"Your Name Engraved Herein"
Guo Zi 郭子
Soda Voyu 蘇達
Golden Bell Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series "Crime Scene Investigation Center/i Hero" "Your Name Engraved Herein", "Hidden Treasures in The Mountain"