Our Days 我們的校隊時光

Format: TV series
Sub-format: Narrative, Scripted
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Gay, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Sports
Film length: 12 Eps x 45 min
Countries of Origin: Thailand
Countries of Filming: Thailand
Film languages: Thai
Year: 2022
Director: Thanate Limchaloen
Press Kit: Link 1

Basic info


★ Produced by Atime26, a talent agency founded by the Thai entertainment conglomerate, GMMTV. ★ GMMTV is the Leading Entertainment company in Thailand, producing several most popular BL series such as “ SOTUS” and “2gether”. ★ Featured the new generation of talents from Atime26.


Coming from rural Thailand, Mon moves to Bangkok to start university. On his first day in the big city, he meets Sow, a local musician, who shows him around. During a drunk night, Sow kisses Mon. Mon, confused, leaves. However, Mon quickly finds out Sow is also a freshman in his same faculty! Sow learns of Mon's love for basketball and decides to join the same team with him. In one of the matches, Mon gets injured and Sow starts taking care of him. Saint, Mon's high school teammate, confesses his love for him too. In the end, which team will Mon choose? Sow or Saint?

Festivals and Awards

Cast & Crew

Gap Narongkorn Arunraktham 蓋普納榮功阿倫拉克塔姆
Offroad Kantapon Jindataweephol 歐夫洛坎塔蓬金達塔維普霍爾
Year Chotritud Wannaworrawit 逸爾喬特里圖汪納沃拉維特
Ming Thatsapon
Thanate Limchaloen