180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us 戀愛換日線

Format: TV series
Sub-format: Narrative, Scripted
Genre: Drama, Family, Gay, Romance
Film length: 8 Eps x 45 min
Countries of Origin: Thailand
Countries of Filming: Thailand
Film languages: Thai
Year: 2022
Director: Punnasak Sukee 潘南薩克蘇奇
Press Kit: Link 1

Basic info



Successful director Sasiwimol lives alone with her son Wang. They two of them are very close and get along life friends. One day, they meet Inthawut, an old friend of Sasiwimol, who later invites them to stay in his house. Soon, Sasiwimol realises that Wang’s first love was none other than her good friend. What will she do? What will happen to their relationships with each other?

Festivals and Awards

★ A Thai BL series similar to the Oscar-winning film ""Call Me By Your Name"". ★ Art Director Nat Prakobsantisuk is regarded as one of the foremost figures in Asian fashion photography today. ★ Presented with the film's aesthetic style different from the normal BL series style.

Cast & Crew

Punnasak Sukee 潘南薩克蘇奇
Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan 米提隆·班栓
Ponlawit Ketprapakorn 朋拉維·凱普拉帕功(張錦琦)
Kathaleeya Mcintosh 凱塞利亞·麥克托什