I Will Knock You 痞子壞壞愛

Format: TV series
Sub-format: Narrative, Scripted
Genre: Drama, Gay, Romance
Film length: 12 Eps x 45 min
Countries of Origin: Thailand
Countries of Filming: Thailand
Film languages: Thai
Year: 2022
Director: Champ Weerachit Thongjila 维拉奇·通吉拉
Press Kit: Link 1

Basic info



Ti, a college student who works as a tutor, saves one of his students from a group of high school thugs whereby he directly confronts their leader, Noey. However, despite his badass looks, Noey soon finds himself taking interest in Ti, who just so happens be his new tutor…

Festivals and Awards

★ The latest BL series from director Champ, the creative talent behind ""2gether"" and ""Kiss Me Again"". ★ The Executive Producer Nong Arunosha is a Big wheel with power and influence in Thai entertainment industry whose productions include ""My Lover from another star"" (Thai version), ""Love You My Arrogance"", and ""Love Destiny"", etc. popular soap opera dramas around Asia. ★ Adpated from Korean_rabbit's well-reputed novel พี่จะตีนะเนย (Pee Ja Tee Na Naey).

Cast & Crew

Champ Weerachit Thongjila 维拉奇·通吉拉
Ta Athiwat 阿提瓦桑提恩(Tar)
Bom-Thanawat 塔納瓦尤泰基瓦尼(Bom)