Paint With Love 愛的抽象派

Format: TV series
Sub-format: Narrative, Scripted
Genre: Comedy, Gay, Romance
Film length: 12 Eps x 45min
Countries of Origin: Thailand
Countries of Filming: Thailand
Film languages: Thai
Year: 2021
Director: Panchapong Kongkanoi, Not Pongsatorn Thongjaroen
Press Kit: Link 1

Basic info


★ Starring the famed Thai BL actors Singto Prachaya (SOTUS) and Tae Darvid (2 Moons). ★ Adapted from one of the most read BL novels in Thailand ★ Portraying never seen before situations on BL like the art and media world


The story follows Phab, an abstract painter who is hired by the owner of a media agency, Maze, to do a painting at a celebrity's wedding. After a disastrous accident, Phab will now start working for Maze to pay his debts. What starts as a not-so-friendly worker/employer relationship soon evolves into something more.

Festivals and Awards

Cast & Crew

Panchapong Kongkanoi
Not Pongsatorn Thongjaroen
Tae Darvid
Series: 2Moon The Series
Singto Prachaya
Series: Sotus The Series, Friend Zone The Series