Light 小光

格式: 短片
副格式: 剧情片, 无脚本
类型: BL男男恋, 戏剧, 情欲, 男同志, 爱情
制作阶段: 后制期
原产国家: Taiwan
拍摄国家: Taiwan
影片发音语言: Chinese Mandarin
项目负责人信息: Adiamond LEE 李佳樺



Even if it’s not real, please say you love me.


Light was sexually assaulted by his stepfather and has always been lack of love in his childhood. He could never escape from that place where hardly can be called home and was forced to prostitute since then. Shuo was an undercover cop who was trying to reach the drug cartel's boss by working in the tailor shop. One day, Light met a new client who bashed him hard on the street. Shou found him and brought back unconscious Light, providing him a shelter. Can Light really face his trauma and live with it? Or will he eventually be prostitute again and pursue the false love from clients?


By the director of the Taiwanese BL sensation Dark Blue and Moonlight.

影片 & 图片集


Adiamond LEE 李佳樺

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