Unlocked 愛無所禁

格式: 網路影集
副格式: 劇情片, 有腳本
類型: BL男男戀, 戲劇, 男同志
製作階段: 製作中
原產國家: Philippines, Taiwan
拍攝國家: Philippines
影片發音語言: Tagalog, English
預計開始製作日期: 2020-07-01
專案負責人資訊: Adolfo B. Alix Jr. 小阿多佛B.艾力克斯
其他資料: Download 1



Six stories of love in the time of quarantine.


ANDREW is mending a broken heart. It's been months since he broke up with his longtime partner ZEPH. CALVIN and DEREK have been lovebirds since college. But that was before, when they are still very much in love with each other. Now, the truth is, their relationship is in a limbo. FRANKIE, a mother separated with her young daughter during the lockdown, is also trying to connect to her lesbian lover, ELI who is based in the U.S who’s busy as a medical staff nurse. GREG, a philosophy professor, is living alone in his old apartment when his young neighbor HAROLD knows on his door...


Running between 15-20 minutes each, the episodes will feature different situations - comic, dramatic, erotic or heartbreaking scenarios confronting their set-ups.

影片 & 圖片集


Adolfo B. Alix Jr. 小阿多佛B.艾力克斯

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Adolfo Alix Jr.
He is a director and writer, known for Adela (2008), Wildlife (2012) and Kadin (2007)
Markki Stroem 馬基史特隆姆
Mike Liwag 麥可利瓦格
Ardel Presentacion 阿爾戴普瑞森塔雄